GLXP News: EarthRise Space Adds New Sponsor

ORLANDO, FLA. (EarthRise Space PR) -– Earthrise Space Inc. is proud to announce that they have added yet another stellar sponsor to their growing constellation of stars – HuntonBrady Architects. The Orlando-based engineering firm is providing ESI with $10,600, which makes HuntonBrady Architects a Suborbital Level sponsor.

This sponsorship began when one of ESI’s interns reached out to HuntonBrady Architects informing them about all the amazing efforts that ESI was working on in terms of ESI.’s Omega Envoy Project. Omega Envoy is ESI’s submission to the Google Lunar X RRIZE or “GLXP.” The team is currently constructing a rover that will traverse the lunar regolith and transmit data and images back to Earth when it arrives at the Moon at the end of 2014.

“HuntonBrady Architects has close ties to our local space industry,” Vice President Steve Belflower, AIA, LEED AP, said, “We are proud to support the Omega Envoy team in the competition for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. We believe this talented group of students and volunteers will get us back to the Moon.”

HuntonBrady Architects was inspired by the story relayed to them, about how a small group; comprised primarily of students, is building a spacecraft and rover that will travel to the Moon. Even more impressive to HuntonBrady Architects was how these same students had formed Earthrise Space Inc. to support the Omega Envoy project.

To win the Google Lunar X PRIZE, Omega Envoy’s rover, dubbed “Sagan”, must travel 500 meters and transmit data and imagery back from the Moon. The main prize under the GLXP consists of an awar d of $20 million (with additional awards for a number of secondary challenges possible). ESI hopes to launch Sagan at the end of 2014.

About HuntonBrady Architects

HuntonBrady Architects is a design-oriented architecture and interior design firm that has committed itself to outstanding service to its clients. Quality control is the key factor that dictates everything that Hunton Brady Architects does. Throughout the years, HuntonBrady has received more than 50 awards for excellence from organizations such as the American Institute of Architects Florida Firm Award and the first-ever AIA Orlando Firm of the Year Award.

About Earthrise Space, Inc.

Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) is a Florida-based 501 (c) 3, non-profit corporation dedicated to developing space technology in collaboration with industry and academic institutions. ESI’s Omega Envoy Project is creating a key set of lunar spacecraft infrastructure which will fulfill the requirements of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and provide a platform for the delivery of commercial payloads to the lunar surface. All ESI efforts involve significant numbers of students and young professionals through paid internships, providing them with hands on experience building real spacecraft, and preparing them for future employment in the entrepreneurial space industry.

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