Golden Spike Team Includes Technical Experts, Media Figures and Politicians

The Golden Spike Company has an experienced and eclectic group of people involved in its operations. This group ranges from former Apollo Flight Director Gerry Griffin and former space shuttle program chief Wayne Hale to best-selling author Andy Chaikin and Star Trek set designer Mike Okuda.

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Esther Dyson sits on the Board of Directors with NewSpace veterans Taber MacCallum and Max Vozoff. The company’s advisors include astronaut Pete Conrad’s widow Nancy, former Congressmen Newt Gingrich and Bob Walker, and former New Mexico Governor and Spaceport America champion Bill Richardson.

Partner companies include Moon Express, Paragon Space Development Corporation, Masten Space Systems and others.

Complete lists of the company’s team members and partners follows after the break.

Golden Spike Team

Board Members

Mr. Gerry Griffin – Chairman of the Board, Apollo Flight Director, former Director of NASA Johnson Space Center, and former head of the Greater Houston Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Alan Stern – President and CEO, planetary scientist, former head of all NASA science missions, “Time Magazine 100″ honoree

Ms. Cindy Conrad – Treasurer, businesswoman and commercial space expert, formerly at NASA Headquarters Planetary Science Division and Exploration Systems Mission Directorate

Ms. Esther Dyson – NewSpace investor and venture capitalist

Mr. James R. French – propulsion and space systems expert

Mr. Doug Griffith – Board Secretary, aerospace attorney, safety/risk management expert, former U.S. Marine Corps aviator and Gulf War veteran

Mr. David Lackner – spacecraft systems engineer, former venture capitalist

Mr. Michel Loucks – expert in orbital mechanics and mission design

Mr. Taber MacCallum – life support system expert and space executive

Mr. Max Vozoff – business development expert and former program manager of SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft development

Spaceflight, Scientific, and Creative Council

Mr. Jeff Ashby – former NASA space Shuttle commander, US Navy Captain and Gulf War veteran

Mr. Andy Chaikin – foremost leading space historian and author (“A Man on the Moon”)

Mr. Chuck Deiterich – aerospace engineer, former NASA flight controller, technical manager

Mr. Jeff Greason – aerospace engineer and space executive

Dr. Bill McKinnon – renowned planetary scientist

Board of Advisors

Mr. Conrad Anker – renowned mountaineer, outdoorsman, and author (“The Lost Explorer”)

Mr. Bobby Block – Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and communications expert

Mr. Michael Bostick – CEO of Walden Media (“The Chronicles of Narnia”)

Dr. Jonathan Clark – former NASA Space Shuttle flight surgeon

Mrs. Nancy Conrad – education innovator, founder of The Conrad Foundation, and widow of Apollo 12 moonwalker, Pete Conrad

Mr. Newt Gingrich – former U.S. Speaker of the House and U.S. presidential candidate; commercial space advocate

Mr. Wayne Hale – former chief of NASA’s Space Shuttle program

Mr. Homer Hickam – former NASA engineer, acclaimed author and screenwriter (“Rocket Boys”/”October Sky”/”Back to the Moon”)

Mr. Chris Kemp – former NASA Chief Information Officer, Silicon Valley internet entrepreneur

Dr. Stephen Mackwell – planetary scientist and Director, Lunar & Planetary Institute

Mr. Tod Mesirow – motion picture producer, co-founder of Five by Five Productions

Mr. Mike Okuda – Hollywood graphic designer and set designer (“Star Trek”)

Mr. Bill Richardson – former U.N. Ambassador, U.S. Secretary of Energy, Governor of New Mexico and U.S. presidential candidate;  commercial space advocate

Mr. Robert Walker – former U.S. Congressman,  chairman of the U.S. House Science Committee and chairman of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry; commercial space advocate

Mr. Zak Williams – director of marketing, Moon Express