Support Rand Simberg “Safe is Not an Option” Kickstarter Campaign

From Rand Simberg:

In a Kickstarter project I got funding for last summer, I was funded to write what I called at the time a “paper” on the topic of our irrational approach to safety in human spaceflight, that is a significant contributor to its high cost and our slow progress. Well, the “paper” turned into at least a monograph, if not a book. It’s currently at 36,000 words (about sixty pages in standard Word format, but probably closer to a hundred after being reformatted into book form and adding illustrations), and essentially complete, except for illustrations, which are being worked. The title is currently, “SAFE IS NOT AN OPTION: How Our Futile Obsession with Getting Everyone Back Alive is Killing the Space Program.”

Rand needs about $1,200 to meet his $4,000 goal by Wednesday, Dec 5, at 8:20pm EST.