Burt Rutan: SpaceShipTwo Just Like the Apple II….Really

A clip of Burt Rutan at the UP Experience in Texas on Oct. 25. The entire presentation is below.

Burt Rutan: Innovation and the Race for Space from The UP Experience on FORA.tv

An entertaining talk. Curiously, Rutan identifies only SpaceShipTwo and Dragon as the systems likely to fly humans into space in the next few years.  Seems like he’s forgetting someone. Who could it be now? Who indeed?


  • Bonzo Gonzo

    Jobs and Woz built the computer around what the chip could do. You built the vehicle and then had to figure out how to power it. Your incompetence and nonexistent safety practices cost 3 workers their lives. And it’s left Branson prattling on for eight years trying desperately to hide that his spaceship has no engine. It’s amazing that you’ve avoided for the blame for all this. It was good you bailed when you did.