• Marcus Zottl

    Marbles are round and the sky on Earth is blue. 😉

    Nothing really surprising here.

  • Vladislaw

    “I don’t want to be so old that I can’t go” – Elon Musk

    To me, that sounded like a man that is willing to spend every dime he has to be the first at mars. He will be able to use rockets at cost to lift everything he needs.

  • The ESA can produce a launcher to compete with the Falcon 9. The only thing preventing it is a fallacious costing model.
    The ESA claims it is cost effective to always use a single engine on its rockets. SpaceX has proven that wrong with the Falcon 9. ESA would do well to follow that idea for their next launcher.
    ESA wanted to produce a large engine twice the thrust of the Vulcain for the Ariane 6. But this would be a mult-billion development. In contrast adding on a second Vulcain to the Ariane 5 core would only be a few hundred million dollar development. This would have the advantage of also providing Europe with a manned spaceflight capability without the two large side boosters if only needing to loft a small size capsule, half the size of the Dragon.
    To launch large satellites to GEO you only need small strap on boosters of the size used on the Delta IV Medium.

    Bob Clark

  • David Bigsbe

    I think a this point it’s safe to say the ‘retire on mars’ statments were not a marketing gimick. It’s hard to imagine people living on Mars but, I’m happy to watch with excitment as they try.