New WhiteKnightTwo Proficiency Flight


WhiteKnightTwo descends as it flies chase for SpaceShipTwo during a drop test on Aug. 11, 2012.

WhiteKnightTwo Flight Test Summaries
Via Scaled Composites

Flight: 102
Date: 05 Nov 12
Flight Time: 2.2 hr
WK2 Pilot: Mackay WK2 CoPilot: Stucky WK2 FTE: Knupp

Virgin Galactic WK2 pilot proficiency

Objective complete.

Editor’s Note: This was the first flight since Oct. 4. If we see a cluster of these flights in the days ahead, I would guess they’re gearing up for some flights of SpaceShipTwo with its full propulsion system installed. I reckon they’ll start with some captive carries and then drop tests without firing the engine.