Mystery Plane to Make First Flight in Mojave on Friday

Mojave’s runways. (Credit: Mojave Air and Space Port)

A new aircraft is set to make its first flight on Friday at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California.

Spaceport CEO Stu Witt mentioned the new flying craft on Tuesday during a meeting of the East Kern Airport District Board of Directors. He said he could not go into details on the aircraft, but he did say that the airport’s support crews would be on standby on both Friday and Saturday.

So, Mojavians….any guesses on what it could be? A new futuristic aircraft from the Scalies? An UAV? Two 747s from the boneyard tied together side by side with a specially modified, rocket-powered 737 hanging beneath it, ready to launch 130 people into space?

Write in your guesses below.

  • Rex Kramer

    Dream Chaser?