Ventions Rocket to Launch from NASA Wallops

Launch complexes on Wallops Island, Virginia

WALLOPS ISLAND, VA (NASA PR) – NASA will support the test flight of a commercial suborbital rocket between 6 and 9 a.m. EST, November 7, from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. The backup launch days are November 8 – 14.

Ventions VR-1 is a 10.6 feet tall, 6-inch diameter liquid-fueled rocket from Ventions LLC. It is projected to fly to about 3 miles altitude during its nearly 3.5 minute flight.

The launch may be seen in the Wallops area.

Mission status on launch day also can be followed on Twitter and Facebook at: and

Mission status also is available on the Wallops launch status line at 757-824-2050.

  • Can you confirm if they are using DMLS to print their motors or not? There’s lots of hints on their site. It would be pretty exciting if they are doing rotating parts with an additive technique; still cool if they’re doing something like cooling channels in stationary parts.

  • Ben

    No, it’s a process more similar to Aerojet’s platelets, in which sheets of material are etched and then bonded together to create the part.