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The Lurio Report
Dragon Reaches ISS Despite Falcon Engine Shutdown, Altius, ‘Blue’ and XCOR News, Farewells
Quick Updates
Altius Gains Contracts and SAA
Stig B Flies, Is Recovered Properly…But
Progress at Blue Origin, XCOR Aerospace and The Suborbital Advantage
Blue Origin – Successful Thrust Chamber Firing, Pad Escape Tests and More
XCOR Aerospace – Engine Fired From Within Lynx, Vehicle-Mounted Solar Observatory
Baumgartner’s Jump
To Two Pioneers, “Ave atque vale”
Neil Armstrong
Ray Bradbury
Personal Update
Dear Acquaintances,
– CRS Mission Succeeds But Engine Shut-Down Has Consequences –
Delivering to ISS Despite A Major Launch Incident
“Engine Out” Uncertainty, Investigation and The Updated Falcon
Orbcomm Satellite Achieves Main Goals Despite Curtailed Life
Conclusions – An ‘Accidental’ Positive?