zero2Infinity Receives Start-up Award

BARCELONA, 5 October 2012 (zero2Infinity PR) — zero2Infinity, purveyor of near-space tourism, was announced today as a Yearling winner of the 2012 Bully Award honouring Europe’s leading startup companies as presented by White Bull Summits, champions of European innovation.

A total of 60 European companies were named as finalists for the 2012 Bully Award, and the deserving winners were selected from a pool of entries that included hundreds of nominated European companies.

“The 2012 Bully Award winners […] are leaders in their field, with meaningful business propositions and market strategies, driven by a rich understanding of customer needs and technological solutions,” stated Farley Duvall, Chairman and founder of White Bull Summits.

“We’re honoured to be named a 2012 Bully Award winner, and to be recognized as one of the leading technology companies in Europe,” stated José Mariano López, CEO of zero2infinity. “It’s a blast to be named a winner for this prestigious award.”

“The White Bull judges very carefully reviewed seed-stage, early-stage and growth-stage companies, and selected the winning companies they believe have demonstrated clear potential for further growth and a high probability for exit in the next few years,” added Duvall.

For a complete list of the 2012 White Bull Bully Award winners, please visit

About zero2infinity
zero2infinity is a private company developing its first project bloon, a smart, scalable and clean solution to Near-Space Tourism. bloon is a near-space ship in which travellers will enjoy a 2 hour view beyond the blue skies into the blackness of space using a safe and tested helium balloon and a pressurized pod with panoramic windows to an altitude of 36 km. For more information, please visit zero2infinity’s website, like us on Facebook or follow zero2infinity on Twitter @flyabloon

About White Bull
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