GLXP News: Omega Envoy to Carry Competitor’s Rover to Moon

ORLANDO, FLA., Earthrise Space PR (Oct. 12, 2012) – Earthrise Space Inc., the parent company for Omega Envoy, the Florida team competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP), is extremely proud to announce that fellow GLXP team member Angelicvm has become a customer. Omega Envoy will be delivering a 1kg version of the Angelicvm Dandelion rover to the surface of the Moon, with a target date set towards the end of 2014.

“We are extremely pleased to have a fellow GLXP team become part of such an extraordinary mission, “ said Earthrise Space Inc.’s President and Founder Ruben D. Nunez. “The intention of the competition is to reinforce the initiation of several new-space industries and it is mainly targeting lunar exploration.”

This alliance provides both teams with a competitive edge that allows for certainty and better chances of accomplishment within the GLXP time frame. Specific details on the transport vehicle and lander would allow the Chilean team to start working out of the prototype phase and begin working on the final primary rover “Dandelion” as well as on the backup, testing it in a series of certifications so that it proves the best chance for success in a travel and destination environment full of challenges.

“Team Angelicvm is confident of the capabilities of Earthrise Space, Inc. and so it believes it is making the right decision in the right direction,” said Angelicvm’s Team Leader Gerardo Rocha, “Angelicvm wants to remain within the private aerospace business and exploration for the long term and therefore is stepping in with a sense of respect and admiration for what the United States has achieved under government research and now under private initiatives that are being encouraged by its Space Agency.”

About Angelicvm

Angelicvm Investments was founded in 1998 as part of a growth strategy for the Private Saint Thomas University (UST) in Chile. Until 2009 it was the major stockholder of the institution with around 80% share. Angelicvm has two seats in the five member Board of Directors. Today UST and its affiliates (Colleges & Schools) are the largest private educational group in the country with more than 70,000 students.

Angelicvm is looking to expand into other areas of business, most significantly the Aerospace Industry and is one of the 26 Teams that were accepted to compete for the Google Lunar X Prize competition to reach the moon by the year 2015.

Team Angelicvm is formed by University Austral de Chile, University of Concepción, Angelicvm Institutions and many independent professionals, technicians and students. Team leader, former airline pilot Gerardo Rocha, subscribed to the X Prize Foundation’s newsletter back in 2007, just to inspire the Chilean team registration later in 2010. Chief Rover Development Mauricio Henríquez came up with a bio-inspired Rover concept under the name “Dandelion”, which is being developed by Group R.E.A.L. Chief Rocketry Development Darío Rodríguez is developing the X One engine with the aim to use it in the deceleration phase while on lunar orbit or in the lander, along with the other members of the Propulsion Interest Group.

An important and essential part of Angelicvm’s endeavors is to pursue the spreading of a message of faith, peace and hope for as many people as possible and it considers the Aerospace field an area that attracts lots of attention and that at the same time allows for great growth opportunities including scientific and technological advancements, but also cultural improvement on the idea to work hard for one’s dreams and build, step by step, new realities that benefit one’s surrounding world. Benjamín Correa, Executive Director of the Angelicv Foundation is in charge of shaping this message.