Time for Some Zzzzzs….and a Few Predictions

Well, midnight is almost upon us out here on the West Coast, marking the end of a day in the Mojave that was filled with cloudy skies, cool temperatures and various booms, sonic and otherwise. This means I will momentarily retire for the evening.

But, before I do, I wanted to make a few predictions about a a couple of commercial space events that will be happening overnight that I will sleep through:

Prediction 1:  Dragon will  be successfully berthed at the space station, marking the first commercial space cargo mission in history. Congratulations will be in order first thing in the morning.

Prediction 1a:  Something will go seriously wrong and I will miss the biggest space story of the year! Damn you, rotation of the Earth!

Prediction 2: British singer Sarah Brightman will announce a space tourism trip to the International Space Station, and that she will give some sort of concert performance while she is up there. That would be totally expected.

Prediction 2a:  Brightman will announce that she will fly to the moon, and I will miss the sound of billion jaws dropping that Space Adventures found someone willing to be cooped up in a Soyuz capsule for a week with James Cameron.

Just remember, whatever happens. you read it here first.