Roscosmos Selects 8 Cosmonaut Trainees

Roscosmos has selected eight applicants to go through cosmonaut training, according to a press release issued by the Russian space agency.

The new trainees are A.V. Fedyaeva, I.V. Ignatov, S.V. Korsakov, O.V. Blinov,  D.A. Petelina, N.A. Chub, P.V. Dubrova, and A. Kikin.

The space agency received 304 applications as part of the first ever open call for cosmonauts, Roscosmos said. Fifty-one applicants made it past the first cut, and nine successfully passing a further review. Eight of the nine were selected.

During NASA’s most recent call for astronauts, which ended in January, the American space agency received more than 6,300 applications.


  • The more correct spelling of the applicants’ names goes like:

    1) (M) Oleg Vladimirovich Blinov, born 1978, GCTS training specialist
    2) (M) Pyotr (Peter) Valeryevich Dubrov, born 1978, IT Engineer, “CBOSS Development International” LLC.
    3) (M) Ignat Nikolayevich Ignatov, born 1982, Maj., Military Engineer, GCTS Hydrolab specialist
    4) (F) Anna Yurievna Kikina, born 1984, Broadcast Director, “Radio Sibir Altai” LLC
    5) (M) Sergey Vladimirovich Korsakov, born 1984, works for “Info Capital Group” LLC
    6) (M) Dmitry Alexandrovich Petelin, born 1983, works for “NIK” LLC
    7) (M) Andrey Valeryevich Fedyaev, born 1981, Capt., Anti-Submarine patrol pilot
    8) (M) Nikolay Alexandrovich Tchoob (or Chub), born 1984, General Director of “Space TU” LLC

  • Thanks Alex. I had to use Google Translate to read the Roscosmos press release. That may have messed up some of the spelling.

    Anna Kikina is a media executive?

  • According to the public info yes. Also, her blog indicates that she is a master of sports in rafting.

  • Linsey Young

    A female cosmonaut? Whatever next?!