WhiteKnightTwo Hits the Century Mark

WhiteKnightTwo after releasing SpaceShipTwo over the Mojave. (Credit: Virgin Galactic/Chris Van Pelt)

An update today from the Virgin Galactic Facebook page:

“When building the world’s first commercial spaceline, you’ve gotta be safe. Yesterday, WhiteKnightTwo successfully completed her 100th test flight. We love our mothership!”

WhiteKnightTwo made a solo flight on Thursday at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California. It was at least the third such flight within the past nine days.

The 100th flight took place on Oct. 4, the eighth anniversary of SpaceShipOne winning the Ansari X Prize and the 55th anniversary of Sputnik 1. No manned ship has been in suborbital space since that day in 2004.

SpaceShipTwo is in the hangar being fitted with its engine. Captive tests followed by a powered flight are set by the end of the year.