SpaceX Purchasing Land Near Brownsville

The Brownsville Herald reports that SpaceX has been purchasing land in Cameron County, Texas, near where it is considering building a private launch complex for its Falcon rockets:

However, local officials emphasized that this does not mean SpaceX has made the decision to settle here. “But it is a good sign,” Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos said.

Other than the property that SpaceX is said to have placed options on, the firm this year has purchased at least three lots in the Spanish Dagger Subdivision under the name Dogleg Park LLC, The Herald found in public documents.

Gilberto Salinas, vice president of the Brownsville Economic Development Council, said that BEDC is not privy to SpaceX’s internal real estate decisions.“Though SpaceX’s purchase of real estate in the area is great news, in no way does it mean they have made Brownsville the lone finalist for a launch site,” Salinas said, adding, “It is not uncommon for major corporations to purchase real estate during the site selection process in different locations before their final decision.”

SpaceX also is considering locations in Florida and Puerto Rico for the space center, which would be devoted to purely commercial launches.

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