Awesome Pictures of Endeavour Flying Over Mojave

Credit: Bill Deaver

The space shuttle Endeavour and its Shuttle Carrier Aircraft made a low pass over Runway 8-26 at the Mojave Air and Space Port this morning at about 8:45 a.m.

Credit: Bill Deaver

I joined a large crowd that gathered next to the Mojave control tower to watch the final space shuttle flight. Folks working at XCOR Aerospace, Scaled Composites, The Space Ship Company and Masten Space Systems watched  Endeavour fly over the spaceport where they are building and testing next generation reusable space vehicles.

Credit: Bill Deaver

After making its pass over the runway, the shuttle and its carrier aircraft circled around and made a second pass over the spaceport at a higher altitude.

  • Andy

    What’s it being chased by, Doug? I would have expected a T-38. But I’m seeing two vertical stabilizers and two engines and what looks like NASA livery. X-53?

  • F-18s chase plane out of Edwards. I went over to Dryden this afternoon for lunch and an interview and that’s what they told me there.

  • Marcus Zottl

    Anybody remotely interested in Aerospace should be able to recognize an F/A-18 when (s)he sees one!
    So no fancy prototypes/ tech demonstrators where involved in making those pictures 😉