Brazilians Favored to Win Galactic Cup

The vote are in! And the Brazilians are widely favored by Parabolic Arcers to win the first Galactic Cup whenever one is eventually held.

The Brazilians received 32 votes or 36 percent of those cast. The Klingons, not generally known for their fancy footwork or corner kicks, came in a surprising but distant second with 19 vote. The Wookies were only 2 votes behind at 17.

Bringing up the rear in our five species poll are the Romulans with 12 votes and the Vulcans with only 9 tallies.

Thank you all for participating! Please cast your vote in our latest poll about which fictional space captain with whom you would most like to serve.

And remember, as always, our philosophy here:




  • if we could launch a single bolt into orbit, I am pretty sure that we would win this competition easily. But we can’t. We lose by W.O.

  • Paul451

    Re: Captains.

    No Mal Reynolds? No Adama?

  • Yeah, sorry. I forgot about them. Next time I ask this question. Should have also added Zapp Brannigan.

    I’m surprised that Kirk is so far behind. Who wouldn’t want to serve with a “swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood”?

    Which Adama? Lee or Bill?

  • Paul451

    “Which Adama? Lee or Bill?”

    And which series, old or new?

    (In my original comment, I was going to reference Farscape and Blakes7, but who’s the captain? Both have intelligent, autonomous ships with the crew just sort of negotiating with it. The lead characters (Crichton, Blake/Avon) aren’t really captains, as such.)

    “Next time I ask this question”

    <grin> How many years between cycles?

  • Which BG series?

    You must be kidding. This video sums up my views perfectly:

    The polls are pretty random, so I don’t know when this will come up again.