Texas Space Alliance Unveils 2013 Legislative Agenda

AUSTIN, TX, SEPT 17, 2012 (TXA PR) – The Texas Space Alliance (TXA) is proud to announce our 2013 Texas Legislative Agenda. The TXA began last year with a legislative victory, assisting Blue Origin with a Space Flight Limited Liability Law, and is now ready to help Texas ‘up the ante’ to help achieve goals in space worthy of our Great State. The Limited Liability Law, similar to one passed in Virginia, was a starting point to remake Texas into the undisputed leader in the development of space enterprises at the State level.

Bob Lancaster, TXA President commented: “Texas already leads the nation in attracting all sectors of businesses from outside our state with its current palette of low taxes, reasonable regulatory environment, and business friendly mindset. But when it comes to the emerging commercial space industry, the state has only just recently begun to add the necessary tools to the toolkit; and that’s what this 2013 legislative agenda aims to do.”

Since its inception, the TXA has worked with representatives of the commercial space firms to develop a responsive agenda and built ties with officials in Austin and around the state, laying the groundwork for a strategy to make Texas into a universally recognized ‘Space State’, and an unqualified leader in space activities and education.

NewSpace companies, both in and outside Texas, have long viewed the potential of the Lone Star State. The activities of new commercial space companies inside of Texas have also succeeded in gaining the attention of and are exciting new business ventures from inside our established space companies here in Texas. This means Texas business leaders in all space arenas are now beginning to fully recognize the breadth of potential that Texas represents, and act on that potential.

TXA’s Policy Director Wayne Rast concluded: “We have a very ambitious agenda for the next legislature, and it contains very timely items that will both enable necessary actions and develop new functions, along with sending a clear signal that Texas is ‘Open for Space business.’ Our meeting with the Governor and his office this summer, along with more than a dozen leading members of this new industry, show that this area is being engaged by officials and business leaders at the top levels. I’m proud that TXA, these far-sighted leaders, and so many more are working together, and taking strong steps toward making Texas into the premier space locale of the 21st century. Though there remains much work to be done, we we have had a tremendous beginning. We look forward to a very successful Texas legislative session in 2013.”