Democratic Platform Includes One Sentence on Space

The Democratic National Platform contains a single mention about civil space policy:

President Obama has charted a new mission for NASA to lead us to a future that builds on America’s legacy of innovation and exploration.

It’s a bit disappointing that the Democrats didn’t choose to spotlight NASA’s new direction and its accomplishments. This was an opportunity to rebut Mitt Romney’s charges that the space agency is floundering because it lacks clear goals and direction.

On the other hand, the National Platform is a policy document. Obama’s space policy is out there, is well known, and is unlikely to change much if he’s re-elected. There is after several years of rancorous political debate, bi-partisan agreement on moving forward on both commercial space for low-Earth orbit and more traditional programs such as the Space Launch System and Orion for deep space.


  • Paul451

    It’s always weird that a guy who was so good at creating an image during his campaign in 2008, seems to be so unable to capture a moment during his Presidency. This is the perfect opportunity to deliver a major statement on NASA/space/exploration, Curiosity delivery and Armstrong’s death, Romney’s apparent contempt for space exploration.

    Hell, I could write him a speech that made his asteroid plan feel like the frickin’ Apollo Program. It’s easy. It’s obvious. And yet he allows the “leaderless” myth to keep getting traction. Just weird.

  • Paul451

    Oops, that was “Curiosity’s delivery”

  • Steve Dean

    I totaly agree. I thought Obama would up the space program, but it seems that he is tied down with other more earth bound issues.