Greetings from NewSpace 2012

Greeting from Silicon Valley!

I drove up from Mojave yesterday to cover the NewSpace conference that starts today and runs through Saturday. It was a nice drive through the spectacular Tehachapis and then north through the Central Valley on the I-5 where thousands of square miles of farmland are in mid-summer peak. It appears to be apple harvesting season here in California; I must have passed 10 trucks filled to the brim with red apples.

In the process, I seem to have traveled forward in time from July to October. The temperatures in Mojave are hovering around 100 degrees. It won’t get above 70 here today. California is kind of wacky that way.

I’m staying in Mountain View with my old friends, Eric Dahlstrom and his wife, Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom, and their tabby cat, Mr. Pip. Emeline has a great article about commercial space in Forbes you should definitely check out.

Looks like there will be some news out of the conference. Armadillo Aerospace is scheduled to make a major announcement at noon Pacific Time. Will keep you updated.

  • Marcus Zottl

    Great to hear the Armadillos are still alive. There has been quite a lack of updates “recently”.