XCOR Eyes Florida Space Coast for Possible Lynx Production, Operations

Full-scale mockup of XCOR's Lynx suborbital space plane. (Credit: Douglas Messier)
A full-scale Lynx mockup. (Credit: Douglas Messier)

UPDATE: Florida Today reports that Brevard County commissioners approved the matching grant by a 3-1 vote, with Trudie Infantini voting against it because she opposed up-front cash payments in advance of job creation. Assistant County Manager Stockton Whitten says that traditional property tax breaks cannot be used in this case because XCOR’s facility would be on Kennedy Space Center property, which is federal land outside of county control.

XCOR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Nelson was in Florida today to discuss the possibility of XCOR building and operating Lynx suborbital vehicles on the Space Coast:

XCOR Aerospace Inc., known until now as Project Planet as the company made its way through economic development channels in Florida, will reveal possible plans for building rocket engines and a suborbital spacecraft on the Space Coast in an appearance before the Brevard County Commission.

The commission is scheduled to approve matching funds for a nearly $1 million state grant to lure the company.

In an interview, XCOR Chief Operating Officer Andrew Nelson said the company could create 152 jobs paying an average wage of $60,833.

Commissioners are expected to approve $182,000 in matching funds for the state grant. The county appropriation, roughly 20 percent of the grant, appears on the commission’s “consent agenda,” which is usually approved without discussion….

“When it comes to commercial space (travel), it’s going to be a great operation base for anyone who flies from there,” said Nelson. “The Space Coast has one of the premier work forces when it comes to aerospace and they certainly have one of the premier launch sites.”

The company is also reportedly considering sites in other states, including New Mexico, Texas and Virginia.

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