John Mankin’s Kickstarter Campaign for Space Solar Power Book

Space Studies Institute Senior Adviser John C. Mankins has launched a KickStarter fund-raising campaign to fund a new high-quality, non-fiction book on space solar power. Mankins, an internationally recognized expert on the subject who is president of Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC, is attempting to raise $25,000 by Wednesday, June 27.

A brief summary of the project:

I propose to write and publish a high-quality nonfiction book on the topic of Space Solar Power — harvesting solar energy in space and delivering it via wireless power transmission to Earth as clean, affordable and sustainable electricity. The book would be intended for general and expert audiences, and depending on the pledge amount would be provided along with various additional information and items, including one or more videos. It would comprise technical, historical and policy related details, and would summarize the latest news in this unique field, including a transformational new SPS advanced concept: “SPS-ALPHA”. (At present, it is planned to be entitled “Space Solar Power & the SPS-ALPHA Concept,” although this may change…)

Please give what you can to help John reach his goal. Click here to donate. Time is short. Donate today.

  • Dan Overman

    Dear Sir,

    I badly need to communicate with John Mankins. I was pursuing SPS with Dr. Bill Cowen of Sandia and Dr. William Nunnally at the Space center at UT Arlington.
    Dr. Glacer would not help us as he prefers slow, small steps.
    I was delighted to see the Fresh Look. This book is a good idea.

    My project would use electromagnetic launch for huge cost savings and to
    greatly shorten the SPS time line.
    Dr. Cowen, was in charge of EML for Star Wars. He said that depending on the
    cooling of the coils, he could launch every 5 to 10 minutes. This yields a
    tremendous revenue curve.
    Best regards for your great efforts.

  • Please get John Mankins to contact me.

  • Anonymous