Musk Meets with Texas Governor on Spaceport

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk with Texas Gov. Rick Perry. (Credit: Rick Perry's office)

In addition to hosting a visit by NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on Wednesday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also met with Texas Gov. Rick Perry to discuss state support for the company’s proposed commercial spaceport near Brownsville. Apparently, things went well.

Prior to the meeting, Musk said that Texas is the leading candidate for the commercial launch site. The company is also looking at locations in Florida, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Musk added that he was scheduled to meet with the governor and key members of the Texas State Legislature. The topic of flying astronauts into space from Texas would be discussed. That would depend upon whether NASA awards SpaceX funding for that purpose under the commercial crew program.

  • dr

    I find this interesting, because Perry is a Republican. We know that the Republican party has been luke warm to the activities of Spacex, particularly in commercial crew, and appears to be trying to underfund the commercially oriented programmes within NASA.
    What I wonder is will the governor side with Spacex to get the high-tech jobs into Texas, or will he side with his party to hinder Spacex progress?
    I guess that time will tell.

  • Me

    Some humans are smokers. Rick Perry is a human. He must be a smoker. Is there anything wrong with my logic?

  • David Bigsbee

    The distinguishing variable here is not that they’re Republicans, it’s that they stand to get fired if Nasa centers in their home district become obsolete. These political parties are arbitrary. There is no party line they won’t cross and as we know, Republicans behave the same when in office as Democrats.

  • dr

    @David Bigsbee
    Thanks for the clarification.