Severe Windstorm Lifts Mojave 747 Up on Its Tail

A 747 in the Mojave Boneyard has its nose pointed up in the air during a strong windstorm on May 23, 2012. (Credit: Joshua Korczyk)

The winds were so strong at Mojave on Wednesday that they raised the dead. The winds lifted up the nose of a 747 in the Mojave Air & Space Port’s Boneyard, putting the massive aircraft up on its tail as if it was trying to take off. Observers say it was rocking back and forth and they feared it might just crash over on its side.

Well, at least the airplane is set to be scrapped. A couple of truck drivers on the 14 were not so lucky today. Their trucks were turned over on their sides by the winds.

A big rig on its side during a windstorm in Mojave. (Credit: Douglas Messier)