The Latest Lurio Report — Table of Contents

The Lurio Report

SpaceX Launch Day, Motorcycle Tests XCOR Rocket Pump, Altius Update From ‘Space Access’ and After
Vol. 7, No. 7, May 18, 2012
Quick Updates: 

SpaceX Launch Date and Commercial Flights
Setting May 19
Joint Marketing With Bigelow
Are Some Waiting for a Failure?
Dear Acquaintances,
–  Amazing Savings As Motorcycle Trip Tests Critical Rocket Component –
– A Few Notes From “Space Access 2012” –
The Community Grown in Phoenix
Altius Space Machines – Lean Days and New Promise
Compliance Control Development
‘Gecko’ Grippers
Multi-DOF (Degree Of Freedom) Arms, Tension-Stabilization
Metal Matrix Composites (MMC)