Brazilian Space Agency Gets New President

Brazilian Space Agency President José Raimundo Braga Coelho. (Credit: AEB)

AEB PR — The mathematician José Raimundo Braga Coelho was named president of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB). The decree of appointment, signed by President Roussef, was published in today’s Official Gazette (DOU).

Following is the first declaration of the new president:

“My first words are addressed to the President Rousseff. I am grateful to His Excellency for the confidence placed in me, as I offer the unique opportunity of presiding over the Brazilian Space Agency, the main executing agency of our space policy, an indispensable part of the historic national effort to sustainable development with a strong and unprecedented social inclusion that Brazil is – fortunately – engaged for several years.

“I also thank fellow unforgettable days in favor of the progress of science, technology and innovation in our country, the Minister Marco Antonio Raupp, of whom I am proud to be an old friend and whom I have an enormous responsibility to succeed in the program command of Brazilian space activities. Without disparaging any of the Ministers of Science and Technology earlier, let me say that Professor Raupp is our first Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation Area, because it came from space area, which has done a remarkable work. I work under his direct guidance. We’ll be together, side by side, continuing what has been done better today since the founding of the Agency in 1994 as well as breaking new ground and developing new solutions.

“Let’s work together, listening and honoring your sense of initiative and talent of our technicians and specialists.

“We have great and noble task ahead: we need to open new and promising perspectives for the Brazilian Space Program; accelerate the implementation of our actions; launch next November CBERS-3 and diversifying Sino-Brazilian satellites, carry forward our program of launchers; increase the deeper involvement of industrial companies and universities and technology research centers in our space projects, set to launch within the first geostationary satellite based on a Brazilian public-private venture between Embraer and Telebras. Challenges are not lacking. Decision to face them and overcome them, either. Get to work.”