SXC Establishes Independent Medical Advisory Board

SXC PR — In order to maximize safety and comfort for our Future Astronauts solid medical support is essential. Therefore, in February 2012 SXC has selected the team of Wings of Care to form the independent medical advisory board and provide support for SXC and the Future Astronauts throughout the screening, training and spaceflight phases. Wings of care, a Dutch organization with aerospace medical expertise, has developed a tailor made procedure to conduct the medical screening for SXC.

Editor’s Note: Here is additional information about Wings of Care taken from its website:

Expert Advice for Pilots, Doctors and Astronauts

A medical condition might have important consequences for a pilot or a future suborbital space traveller. We supply tailored aeromedical advice or second opinion to doctors, pilots and aerospace companies.

The CEO of Wings of Care has a background as senior Pilot-Physician in the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Training and Presentations

Wings of Care combines knowledge of the operational, aeromedical and psychological aspects of aviation with clinical medical experience on a medical specialist (consultant) level. This allows us to adapt aviation safety principles to your hospital or department. Currently we are training major departments in University and Teaching Hospitals, while aiming to set standards that allow implementation at a national level. On request we train your trainers so your organisation need not stay dependent on external support.

Our staff is fluent in the English, French and German language.

Team Training/Crew Resource Management

Teamwork is the basis for safe patient care in any clinical setting. But a good doctor, nurse (or pilot) is not automatically an effective team player. In recognition of this fact the aviation industry implemented a compulsory team training, called Crew Resource Management (CRM). As we think there is room for such a training in the hospital environment we developed a 2-day medical CRM-equivalent in close cooperation with University Hospitals. Our training has been accredited by the Dutch Medical Society KNMG. Wings of Care is the Team Training partner for 2 two University Hospitals and multiple teaching hospitals in the Netherlands.