GXLP News: ARCA Adds New Youth Team Member in Race to the Moon

ARCA PR — The Technical Creation Center for Youth ( inventeaza.ro) – robotics and software center is the new partner of ARCA for the lunar probe project entered in the astronautics competition Google Lunar X Prize. The partnership means working together to develop the European Lunar Explorer probe (ELE), the European Lunar Lander lunar module and the carrier rocket.

The Google Lunar X Prize competition opens a new era of lunar exploration by offering a prize of $ 30 million to the private teams that will manage to land safely on the lunar surface and to place there a robot able to travel 500 m and to transmit video HD images and data to Earth.

“The partnership with the Technical Creation Center for Youth responds to ARCA’s need to collaborate with an organization specialized in robotics technology, which will provide the automation and programming for the European Lunar Explorer probe that ARCA entered in the Google Lunar X Prize competition. It is an advantage for our team to work with an organization that values passion and innovation. The collaboration with the Technical Creation Center for Youth will be very constructive, accelerating ARCA’s program for the Google Lunar X Prize and increasing our chances of winning the competition,” said Dumitru Popescu, ARCA President.

“We are very happy to collaborate with organizations which also support innovation and encourage young people to take the initiative. It is a great opportunity for us to work with ARCA. We have the rare opportunity to see closely what does flying in space means and the challenges it offers.

The lunar robot is an ambitious project which we hope will become a landmark that will encourage young people to follow the bold paths in life, to try the unknown, to be leaders in what they do and not to be discouraged by circumstances which are not always favorable.
We are convinced that the project developed for participation in the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition is only a first step towards a long term successful partnership between us and ARCA,” said Ionut Cotoi, President, Technical Creation Center for Youth.

About Technical Creation Center for Youth

Founded in 2011, inventeaza.ro is a center of technical creativity for youth which supports initiative and innovation in technology and beyond.

The center arose to support innovative ideas of young people and assist them in their quest to develop new technologies. The projects developed at the center are unique and is based on the creation of new technologies that are more efficient in areas such as transport, environment or energy.

The center functions as an incubator for ideas and enables young people to implement their own projects, while offering coaching throughout the project, inviting them to our headquarters and providing equipment, tools, components, kits, etc.

# 1 – Category Hacker’s Choice – Yahoo Open Hack (2011)

# 1 – Category Others – Webstock 2011 (2011)

Mention – Category university – INVENTIKA 2011 (2011)

  • banner man

    I find it kind of odd but also strangely comforting that one of the most ambitious and bold proponants of “newspace” and this type of exploration in Europe, is a crazy bunch of guys in Romania.

    They are giving it all they have to see their goals happen and we could do with more like them, otherwise we won’t have a “newspace” industy like the US is developing.