GLXP News: ARCA Adds New Team Member

ARCA PR — The League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) is the new partner of ARCA, in the Romanian race to conquer space.

LSRS wants to promote the program among the Romanian students and graduates abroad and send the message that as long as the the necessary will exists, the projects that can raise Romania are possible in our country even despite limited resources.

“We are honored and excited about the partnership between our League and ARCA. What unites us, especially, is the ideal of a Romania represented with competence and courage on the international scene, in the most diverse areas from science and technology to education and entrepreneurship. The wonderful example of the ARCA team shows us all that despite the material resources available, the impossible becomes possible, always, through hard work, ingenuity and dedication. We encourage the entire community members of LSRS to support ARCA projects and the daring attempt to bring the Romanian flag on new frontiers, in space! ” Sebastian Burduja, President – League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS).

“We are honored to have LSRS, the organization which brings together the Romanian students educated abroad, as a partner. We thank LSRS for the initiative to raise awareness of ARCA projects and to transmit to the Romanian students and graduates abroad that anyone can contribute to the evolution of the country, supporting such leadership projects that are badly needed. It’s a joy for us that Romanians trained abroad join us in this program. “Dumitru Popescu, ARCA President.

About LSRS

The League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS) provides to students and graduates living abroad an open forum for dialogue and action.

LSRS promotes the initiative, the professionalism and solidarity of its members as valuable representatives of Romania, and a positive outlook towards their reorientation to the country.

The main objective of LSRS is to defend and promote the rights and interests of academic, professional, social, civic and cultural needs of its members and to support their contribution to Romania.

LSRS is a nongovernmental, nonpolitical and equidistant organisation.

  • Congrats. Good way to make a global connection for Romania!
    PISCES hopes to help all the GLXP teams with their lunar analog testing when the time comes.