Roscosmos, Skolkovo Look to Solve Russia’s Space Worker Shortage

MOSCOW (Skolkovo PR) — On March 22-23, the Skolkovo Fund, the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), and JSC “Scientific and Production Corporation (NPC) “REKOD” will hold the first all-Russian scientific-practical conference titled, “Problems Involving the Capacity of Higher Educational Institutions for Training and Advanced Training in the Use of Space Activities, and Ensuring the Competitiveness of Domestic Space Products and Services.”

Opening the conference will be: the head of Russian Federal Space Agency, Vladimir Popovkin; chief executive of a cluster of space technology and telecommunications, Sergey Zhukov; as well as representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences.  The event will be attended by representatives from leading universities, enterprises, rocket and space industries and regions of Russia.

Conference participants pose a major goal – to combine efforts and resources enterprise space industry, leading universities and regions of the country for the establishment and effective use of domestic competitive products, services and technologies of space industry to meet the needs of end users. In addition, they will try to develop a common approach to training and development professionals in the use of space activities.

“The conference is dedicated not just space education but also specific training areas in the use of space activities,” said Dmitri Payson, the development director of a cluster of space technology and telecommunications of the Skolkovo Fund.

The organizer of the conference – SPC “REKOD” – on behalf of the Russian Space Agency serves as the parent organization in Russia in this direction, which means that participation in the conference is highly knowledgeable people.  Exchange of views between them is extremely useful, especially for universities and other educational institutions, which should see new areas of training demanded by professionals.

“Higher education is the ‘cradle of startups'”, said Sergei Zhukov. “We hope that by actively participating in this interaction, we will be able to attract new members to the Skolkovo Fund, and see new niches in the Russian market for space products and services.”

“Talking about the potential development of the project, I find it useful to create forms of networking – a specialized Internet portal, mailing lists, and perhaps – and high-quality scientific and practical journal on the subject,” D. Payson concluded.