Mojave Air and Space Port Tenants to Get Fiber Communications

The old Mojave Air and Space Port's control tower. (Credit: Douglas Messier)

by Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

The companies at the Mojave Air and Space Port are developing some of the most aircraft and spacecraft  in the world. But, the one thing they’ve been lacking is access to modern fiber optic communications.

That will be changing soon. Airport officials are negotiating with Race Technologies to bring the service to the airport and its more than 60 tenants.

Fiber optic lines were installed years ago throughout most of the airport and are now used primarily as an intranet for the control tower and security operations.  However, that network hasn’t been hooked up to the outside world, airport CEO and General Manager Stuart Witt told the East Kern Airport District board on Tuesday.

Race Technologies CEO Raul Alcaraz said his company will provide the equipment and systems to connect the airport network to a main line originating from Los Angeles.  The company provide tenants with Internet, phone and television services and build out the fiber network to new parts of the airport. Race Technologies also plans to provide high speed services to residential customers in the area, he added.

Witt said there would be no cost to the airport, nor would it be a moneymaker. The airport would simply need to provide Race Technologies with access to the existing network.

“This is part of being a value-added landlord,” Witt said, noting it would help Mojave compete with other states.