• Phil

    loved it… I hope they can do it!

    thanks for sharing

  • Their testimony makes me sad too.

    Cernan: Although I do believe and hope that someday they will succeed, I still assess that those entrepreneurs in the world of commercial space who continue their claims of being able to put humans in space in little more than three years for something less than $5 billion, today still “don’t yet know what they don’t know.” My statement that “the sole reliance on the Commercial Sector without a concurrent or back-up approach could very well lead to the abandonment of our $100 billion, 25 year investment in the ISS” is now more prophetic than ever.

    Armstrong seems to be less openly critical of “commercial space” (I guess it helps to have him on your board): NASA, showing some increased flexibility, recently announced that they would assist ATK in the development of the Liberty rocket, which they seemed to have ignored some months ago. This might engender another possible provider of access to low earth orbit and the International Space Station.

    SpaceX is a dynamic, modern company throwing weight to LEO and bringing it back while NASA’s standing army has managed to burn through billions and kick a brick out the back of a C-17 for a parachute test. Who is it I am supposed to be inspired by again?