Ukraine’s 5-Year Space Plan Focuses on Public-Private Partnerships, Commercial Activities

UKRAINE SPACE AGENCY PR — At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers February 15, 2012 approved the Concept of national targeted scientific and technical space program for 2013-2017 (hereinafter – the Program).

The concept defined the problem to be solved by directed program, an analysis of its causes, is the objective of the Programme on the basis of comparative analysis, the optimal solution of the problem and solve it, given the expected results of the program, as well as approximate the necessary financial resources.

Implementation of this program will provide:

– The development of space technologies and their integration into the real sector of national economy and national security and defense:

  • implementation of remote sensing from space
  • development of space systems, telecommunications and navigation
  • space activities in the interest of national security and defense;

– Conducting scientific space research;

– The development of space technology and its manufacturing technologies:

  • creation of space systems,
  • provide industrial and technological development;

– Development of international cooperation.

Implementation of the Program, funding for which will be funded from the state budget funds, investments and other sources (including using public-private partnerships), will permit the implementation of space activities in Ukraine in accordance with modern requirements and national interests.

Indicative funding for programs from all sources amounts to 2.58 billion USD., including the state budget – 1.12 billion.

Editor’s Note: Ukraine recently revamped its space policy, placing a greater emphasis on public-private partnerships, commercial space activities and international cooperation. (Full story) It will be interesting to see how the nation develops those capabilities and how that affects existing and emerging commercial markets.

Ukraine has two active launch vehicles (Dnepr, Zenit), builds the first stage for Orbital Sciences Corporation’s new Antares rocket, and is developing the Cyclone-4 booster for launch out from Brazil. It also makes components for a number of Russian rockets and spacecraft.

Ukraine’s Yuzhnoye company, which performs the Antares work, is also seeking to develop a new family of Mayak rockets. Company officials visited Cape Canaveral last year to explore launch opportunities there. Yuzhonoye is reported to be partnered with Excalibur Almaz, which is modifying Soviet-era capsule and space station technology for commercial operations. Excalibur Almaz is a competitor in NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program and has an unfunded Space Act Agreement with the agency.