Ukraine Sees Uptick in Space Sales as Sea Launch Returns to Flight

UKRAINE SPACE AGENCY PR — On January 27, 2011 at Ukrinform, the President of Ukraine HCA YSА Alexeyev held a press conference on the results of the space industry in 2011. Alexeyev said that last year the enterprises of the industry produced and sold products worth almost 3.4 billion UAH., Which is about 1.6 times more than in 2010. In general, the industry completed in 2011 with a net profit amounting to UAH 76.7 million.

Among the major achievements of President of Ukraine HCA said the successful August 17, 2011 launch of domestic spacecraft remote sensing, “Sich-2” on the “Dnepr”. At the present time has received more than 600 pictures of Earth’s surface.On this basis, the HCA Ukrainian specialists performed the first case the task of monitoring the clearing of forests, monitoring of germination of winter crops in different regions of Ukraine and monitoring of emergency situations.

In obtaining information, many are interested both Ukrainian and foreign users. In addition to the satellite “Sich-2” on carrier rocket “Dnepr”, domestic production, put into orbit six foreign satellites, as well as the second phase was conducted flight tests of a promising unit avionics control systems perspective of carrier rockets.

A total of 2011 accomplished six successful launches of rockets Ukrainian production and put into orbit 12 satellites. Four launches were made ​​in the framework of the “Land Launch” and one of the program “Sea Launch” and “Dnepr”. A positive point for the space industry was the resumption of the project “Sea Launch”, which is operated booster “Zenit-3SL”.

Work continued on the implementation of projects of national importance – the creation of start-up center “Alcantara” (Brazil) for the operation of the carrier rocket “Cyclone-4” and the creation of the National Satellite Communications System “Lybid.” HCA Chairman of Ukraine said that the satellite launch “Lybid” and the first launch of the rocket “Cyclone-4” is scheduled for 2013. Today, marketing activities are carried out to find the payload for the first launch rocket “Cyclone-4”.

During the year the work was carried out for the pilot operation of control systems and analyze the space environment that collects, processes and analyzes data on the state space situation, and coordinate systems and navigation system in Ukraine, consisting of 14 control and correction stations and navigation control center of the field.

Ukrainian scientists take part in the implementation of the scientific program, which uses a unique domestic space infrastructure – radio telescope RT-70 (Evpatoria), equipped with modern high-sensitivity receivers of domestic production – in the framework of international projects for basic research of the Universe “Radioastron” which has successfully begun the launch of the Russian astrophysical observatory “Spektr-R” July 18, 2011.

One of the important state tasks performed by the National Space Agency of Ukraine, is to implement the recycling program of solid propellant intercontinental ballistic missile RS-22. In 2011, entered into service development industrial site recovery of solid rocket fuel. For the purpose of disposal of anti-personnel mines PFM-1 (1C), heat treatment furnace and upgraded infrastructure in Pavlograd chemical plant.

Among other international aspects of space activities YSА Alexeyev said that the current is the continuation of cooperation with Russia, Europe, America and Asia, creating the basic design of the first stage booster rocket “Taurus 2” [Antares], scheduled for launch in Q2 of this year, etc.

Important for the industry was to develop and provide a series of legislative instruments designed to improve the efficiency of space activities in the state, such as: Concept of state policy in the field of space activities for the period up to 203; the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine on the space activities “; the Law of Ukraine “On financial recovery of the state enterprise “Production Association” Southern Machine-Building Plant named after AM Makarova, “the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to attract credits for the continuation of the project to create space rocket complex” Cyclone-4″.