Obama Administration to Request Flat Budget for NASA

Frank Morring, Jr. of Aviation Week has an overview of NASA’s budget request for FY 2013, which is due for official release on Monday. A brief summary:

$17.711 billion overall (down $89 million)

  • $3 billion for ISS
  • $2.8 billion for Space Launch System and Orion MPCV ($1.8 billion SLS/$1 billion Orion MPCV)
  • $830 million for commercial crew
  • $699 for space technology
  • $500 million for aeronautics
  • $300 million cut in planetary science to cover James Webb Space Telescope overruns
  • Withdrawal from European-led ExoMars program

SLS would get the same amount as last year, with Orion MPCV receiving less money to keep pace with the slower development of its booster, Morring reports. The Administration requested $850 million for commercial crew last year, but Congress reduced the budget to $406 million.

The withdrawal from ExoMars leaves ESA trying to get enough Russian support to make the mission feasible.