• Michael Turner

    Get Tyson to run for NYC city council and he’d be all the way President in a decade. Except that he’s not a glutton for punishment.

  • Marcus Zottl

    Awesome tie! I want one! 😀

  • David Bigsbe

    It doesn’t appear as if this reporter expected this interview to be favorable for Gingrich. I’ll not be voting Republican this election year but, it’s good to see Tyson politely change the course of a other wise highly biased conversation.

  • JohnHunt

    @ Bigsby

    Yes, the reporter seemed very emotionally biased like he couldnt possibly imagine a crazier idea. And then when you look at the content of Neil’ response you see that the concepts make more sense than they are given credit for. I do think that the Gingrich team did a poor job explaining how his plan isnt so grandiose. The media frequently misrepresented his positions. In particular they presumed that uch a plan would cost the US government “hundreds of billions pf dollars” when Gingrich specifically stated that 10% of NASA’existing budget should be set aside.

  • warshawski

    The reporter is very negative but completly missed the point that the governement would provide seed money to encorage the developement. Tyson did a good job of trying to re-direct the reporter though he could have pointed out that a very big chunk of Apollo money was building ground facilities and developement work that would not be needed again. Also he could have pointed out that much of the hardware is in advanced stages with SpaceX and Bigelow.