Latest Lurio Report Looks at Stratolaunch, More

Stratolaunch vehicle. (Credit: Stratolaunch)

The Lurio Report


New Year Specials, Armadillo, SpaceX’s COTS Flight, Why Stratolaunch?

Vol. 7, No. 1, January 9, 2012


– Special Items For the New Year –

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Book Note – “Chase for Space” by Nejc Trošt

Quick Updates:

“Stig A” Carries Armadillo to New Heights
XCOR Photo Notes

Dear Acquaintances,

– A Perspective on SpaceX’s Combined COTS Test Flight –

Plans and Cautious Optimism
Orbcomm Satellites Moved to Later Flights

– “Stratolaunch” in Concept and Context –

Introducing a ‘Big’ Idea
Mysteries, Speculations and Mr. Rutan’s Role
Air Launching a Throwaway Booster – Operational Advantages are Key
Stratolaunch and Reusable Rockets at SpaceX
Curious Statements, Ironies and the Purpose and Fate of Stratolaunch