Shakleton Energy Company Raises Some Money

The crowd has not been very kind to the Shackleton Energy Company (SEC).

The lunar mining start-up’s attempt to get its business off the ground through crowd source funding via fell a bit short of its goal. The Texas-based company had aimed to raise as much as $1.2 million in a campaign that began in November. When the effort finished at the end of December, the amount contributed was only $5,517 given by 53 contributors.

I’m not really surprised. The company didn’t seem to have a clear plan for how to publicize and promote their financing effort. And it seems to me that the timing — during the big holiday gift-giving season — might not have been ideal. But, $5,517 isn’t nothing.

SEC plans to launch a mission to moon’s South Pole by 2019 to mine water and other consumables that it would sell to governments and commercial companies doing business in space.