Are Celebritynaut Lovebirds Katy Perry, Russell Brand About to Auger In? Updated

Katy Perry (Credit: Nikotransmission)

It looks as though Virgin Galactic celebritynauts Katy Perry and Russell Brand may be ready to pull the old ejection ring on their 14-month old marriage.

[Update: It’s official! Brand has filed for divorce citing….wait for it….irreconcilable differences. Another showbiz marriage you thought would last forever and ever torn asunder.]

Media reports indicate the couple, set to fly together into space aboard Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo, spent Christmas 7,000 miles apart after a massive argument that saw the formerly happy couple lobbing the proverbial f-word at one another. (And we’re not talking “frankfurter”.)

Perry, 27, took off for the Hawaiian island of Kauai (which, I can personally attest, is lovely this time of year), while her British funnyman husband, 36, spent the holidays at a far less tropical seaside town of Cornwall, England.

While Perry frolicked in the surf on Christmas day in a teeny weenie bikini without her wedding ring on, Brand…well, let’s not put an image of him frolicking in a teeny weenie anything in anybody’s head. Worst. Image. Ever.

In any event, the media are reporting that Brand stepped out in London this week without his wedding ring. So, maybe they are kaput.

Although the couple has been denying marital problems for months, it seems that differences in personality between the bubbly Perry and the morose, recovering alcoholic/drug addict Brand are driving the couple apart. (Comedians, apparently, are often not so funny off screen. See Letterman, David.) Perry also feels that the irreverent Brand — who was fired by the BBC after reporting to work dressed as Osama bin Laden the day after 9/11 — does not properly respect her parents’ strong Christian beliefs, media reports indicate.

In June 2010, Perry bought then-fiancé Brand a ticket to space aboard Sir Richard Branson’s SpaceShipTwo for his 35th birthday. The couple, who married in October 2010, are scheduled to fly together in what Virgin Galactic CEO and President George Whitesides has remarked will be a very interesting space tourism flight.

Now, maybe that won’t happen. Perhaps they will fly separately — or not at all. Maybe Perry will take someone else along. Maybe a new boyfriend. Or a girl she can kiss. With celebritynauts, life is seldom boring. Which is why I say, the more the better.