Shocking Video: NASA Falls Behind Santa in Human Spaceflight

Video Caption: Ever wonder how Santa makes it around the globe in a single night?

This NASA animation finally reveals the secret magic that fuels Santa’s sleigh! In the spring of 2012, NASA and the Canadian Space Agency will conduct tests on board the International Space Station to show how Dextre, the Canadian-built robotic handyman in the video, could refuel and refurbish satellites in space. In the meantime, Dextre would like to thank his friends at NASA for this wonderful animation and wishes everyone back home on Earth peace and joy for the holiday season! (Animation credit: NASA)

Editor’s Note: So, we’ve spend billions and billions of dollars to launch people into space, and Santa does it with eight tiny reindeer pulling a sleigh? And with the space shuttle retired, we can’t even get into space anymore.

Well, bah humbug to that! It’s clearly a very Merry Christmas for some people, but certainly not the American taxpayers footing the bill for the billions we’re spending on shuttle replacements. Come the first of the year, I’m demanding full Congressional hearings on how we’re losing the space race to some old Scandinavian guy who uses 18th century technology and gives away things like a damned Socialist.