Canadian Space Sector Revenues Grew 14 Percent in 2010

A Message From the CSA President

I am pleased to take this opportunity to present the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) annual report, The State of the Canadian Space Sector 2010. Data gathered for this report measures change in the space sector on a number of indicators, such as sector and category of business activity, regional differences, the relative value of export revenues and the strength of our manufacturing base. I am happy to report that the findings for 2010 point to a robust 14% increase in total revenues over 2009 results, reaching $3.439B. Furthermore, an additional 692 positions were created across the country to employ the highly qualified men and women of the Canadian space sector workforce.

Throughout the global economic crisis and recovery of the past few years, it has become apparent that Canada has one of the most resilient economies within the G-8. Canada’s continued economic stability has provided a solid foundation for progress in the space sector and in turn the Canadian space sector makes a valuable contribution to strengthening the Cana­dian economy as a whole. The space sector has a particular relevance to the government of Canada’s science and technology agenda with an impact on the employment of highly qualified professionals throughout the country and through an active market place for the sale of value-added space products.

While the Canadian space sector is moderately-sized, it shows strong leadership and innovation in niche areas on a global scale. Canada was the first country to have a domestic, commercial telecommunications system and the legacy of this lives on as the Satellite Communications sector continues to flourish. This year, growth in that sector was particularly strong, contributing the lion’s share of total revenue gains.

Canadian businesses and universities continue to build upon links which are created through the government of Cana­da’s work with other agencies and governments. Policies and agreements to reduce international trade barriers, to cooper­ate on cross-border issues and to join together on projects and missions are all initiatives that pave the way for our busi­nesses and academia to integrate into the world economy.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s survey. Without your assistance this valuable profile of the Canadian space sector would not be possible.


Dr. Steve MacLean