Spaceport Sweden Starts Northern Lights Flights

Spaceport Sweden PR — Spaceport Sweden has collaborated with the ICEHOTEL, Kiruna Airport and Scandinavian Airlink to launch an exclusive space tourism experience that will allow clients to get an even closer look at the magical and  mythical northern lights.

”Space tourism is no longer a dream but a new industry being developed here and now. At Spaceport Sweden our mission is to  provide space related experiences for all; on the ground, in the air and in time  to space and we are very excited to now launch our first product. The Northern  Light Flights offers our customers an exclusive experience to get closer to and view this natural space phenomenon of the northern lights from a front row seat”, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO at Spaceport Sweden.

The Northern Light Flight experience starts at ICEHOTEL with a short presentation about the northern lights and a transfer to Spaceport Sweden where an airplane with seats for nine passengers each with a window will take clients above the clouds. The
flight will last approximately 1 hour.

The premier flight takes place on the 15th January 2012 and there will then be three more flights on the 5th, 12th and 19th of February. The flights can be booked via as of 19th of October 2011. There are three types of package deals to choose between: a standard, deluxe and a charter package deal that is bookable all days between 1st of January and 15th of March 2012.

The Kiruna region is situated within the aurora zone and has among the best prerequisites in the world to see the northern lights. There are several climate zones in the region that together with good weather conditions increase the chances of seeing the northern lights. The solar activity, which causes the northern lights, peaks every 11 years, so the aurora borealis tends to be more frequent and intense at these times.  Additionally, the years following a peak see increased northern lights activity – this winter, we are now reaching the peak and the next two winters are expected to be very active and exciting.

Source: Spaceport Sweden