NSS Issues Call to Action for American Space Leadership

The National Space Society calls for the United States to make civil space a high national priority in order to ensure American leadership in scientific discovery, technology development, and the creation of new industries and new applications that will benefit all humanity. Five actions are necessary to achieve this objective:

Formulate a Strategy to Achieve the Ultimate Goal. Congress and the Administration shall institute, by no later than February 28, 2013, a comprehensive civil space strategy to achieve the long-range goal of the human settlement of space, including the use of space to better life on Earth.

Leverage the Private Sector. Congress and the Administration shall support public-private partnerships in space that draw on the strengths of both sectors. Commercial Crew Development is one such program that must be funded for Fiscal Year 2012 at the level requested by the Administration.

Ensure American Technical Leadership. Congress shall take all appropriate steps to utilize the internationally-recognized expertise of NASA, as well as the power of American industry, to develop enabling technologies and systems capable of carrying humans beyond Low Earth Orbit, exploring space, and developing new uses of space that will nurture new industries and support civil government functions.

Develop New Applications That Better Life on Earth. Government and industry shall work together to support research and development leading to new applications that will harness the vast material, energy and other resources of space, including use of Earth orbit, to dramatically improve life on Earth.

Establish Priorities to Enable a Sustainable Path for the Expansion of our Civilization. As a necessary and integral part of the exploration, development, and eventual settlement of the solar system, priority should be given to establishing an integrated spacefaring infrastructure capable of transporting passengers and cargo throughout the Earth-Moon system and beyond.

National Space Society Policy Committee
September 2011

  • amalie

    The time lines are starting to become valid and relevant at last. Probable time lines are the part of the space based equation that has been missing so far. How many years to develop cis lunar space may be a fair amount even several hundred years, despite any international platform. In the meantime space can and should be used to better human society,and a lot can be done. Partnership between nations for space development may find a very well intended and inclusive outlook. Answering the question- What can be done in the short term for global development and stability, what can be done in the longer term for exploration and settlement. The phased concept with a dual track, is a very worthwhile strategy for America because it gives opportunity for technological development in the near term.