Petition Created to Reallocate Defense Funds to NASA

There is a citizen created petition on the White House website that people can sign that urges the Obama Administration to reallocate defense funds to NASA. It reads:

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Reallocate Defense funds to NASA.

Billions and Billions of dollars are thrown at the Military while NASA’s budget continues to shrink causing them to cut programs which may actually benefit society unlike the wars we are currently involved in. America needs to wind down these wars and reallocate all that money into our space program and make it the inspiration that it was when Americans first landed on the Moon over 40 years ago. America and Humanity require a permanent presence in Space and no amount of telescopes or rovers are going to meet that requirement. Manned Missions are the only answer but NASA does not the have funds to make this vision a reality. Our President needs to see that investment in space is an investment in Americans, Jobs and the Future of Humanity.

Sign it here.