ATK Terms SRB Test “Extremely Successful”

Just wrapped the post-test press conference with Charlies Precourt and Fred Brasfield. Some quick notes:


  • Preliminary look at data indicates test was “extremely successful”. Thrust time trace looks essentially perfect
  • This is the third test. Earlier done were done at near freezing and at a mid temperature. In this test, fuel was heated to 92 degrees F, which would simulate being on launch pad for several days with outside temps approaching 110 degrees F
  • Will review data over next weeks and months, if comfortable then would freeze design and go into qualification testing
  • Qualification testing would require addition test firings with the final design
  • Next test could be done in a year, depends upon what happens with SLS program in future
  • Tested some new technologies that will make it more cost effective to build and operate
  • Insulation is 1,500 pounds lighter overall even though its five segments vs. four segment shuttle SRBs.
  • Lighter insulation means less weight and more room for fuel
  • better thrust than any booster in existence
  • several improvements that improve performance and ability to produce boosters
  • significant changes in the production process to make the booster more cost effective.
  • all 10 ultrasonic sensors looking inside nozzle worked.