Le Tableau du Jour: NASA’s CCDev 2 Partnerships

Above is a NASA provided chart showing reimbursable Space Act Agreements (SAAs) with the four CCDev 2 partners. Reimbursable SAAs permit the CCDev2 partners to use NASA’s unique resources and technologies such as facilities, personnel, expertise, or equipment to further advance their commercial crew transportation system concepts. In exchange for using NASA resources, NASA’s associated costs are reimbursed by the CCDev 2 partner.

These agreements encompass various skills and infrastructure including such areas as testing of rocket engine propulsion systems at Stennis Space Center’s test facilities; conducting spacecraft hazardous propellant testing using NASA’s White Sands Test Facility test methods, technology, and facilities; and collaborating with Kennedy Space Center engineers on spacecraft ground processing to include landing site operations analysis and pre/post flight flow development.

Several more center reimbursable agreements are being negotiated at present.