Space Angels Network, eSpace Collaborate to Help Entrepreneurs

Boulder, Colorado – September 6, 2011 – Space Angels Network, LLC, a national network of seed‐ and early stage investors focused on aerospace‐related ventures, and eSpace: The Center For Space Entrepreneurship in Boulder, Colorado, today announced the beginning of a collaborative partnership to help foster the success of entrepreneurial space ventures. Under the new agreement, Space Angels Network will work with companies participating in eSpace’s programs to help them prepare for pitching their new ventures to investors. The companies will then have the opportunity to meet with Space Angels Network members to facilitate investments.
“eSpace and Space Angels Network have two distinct but complimentary roles in the space entrepreneurship ecosystem,” said Joe Landon, Managing Director of Space Angels Network. “Companies that get their start at eSpace can take the next step, finding additional outside investors, with the help of Space Angels Network. Our members are eager to get involved with the promising aerospace ventures coming out of the highly talented Colorado region, and there is no better partner for accessing these unique investment opportunities than eSpace.”

Through this partnership, both organizations aim to foster continued growth of aerospace‐related businesses in the Colorado region and beyond. “We are excited to work with Space Angels Network, which can provide additional resources to our companies for the development of funding opportunities. Space Angels Network has a proven interest in new space ventures and a track record of making seed investments in the kind of companies we are incubating at eSpace,” said eSpace Executive Director Diane Dimeff.

About Space Angels Network, LLC

Space Angels Network is a professionally managed national network of seed‐ and early‐stage investors focused on aerospace‐related ventures. Space Angels Network members share a common passion for promoting the development of the aerospace industry and related technologies while also earning attractive returns on private investments. The network allows members to find unique aerospace investment opportunities, to connect with like‐minded accredited investors and aerospace industry experts around the world, and to collaborate on due diligence and deal negotiations. Through its extended strategic relationships with venture capital firms, federal science and technology agencies, state economic development organizations, incubators, research universities, incentive prize organizations, and other partners, Space Angels Network creates a robust ecosystem for both aerospace entrepreneurs and investors to connect for seed‐ and early‐stage financing. For more information, please visit

About eSpace:

eSpace: the Center for Space Entrepreneurship is a 501(c)(3) non‐profit organization formed from a partnership
of the University of Colorado, a national leader in aerospace engineering, and the Space Systems Group of Sierra
Nevada Corporation, a leading entrepreneurial space company located in Louisville, Colorado. eSpace is dedicated to creating new entrepreneurial space companies, commercializing aerospace technologies created within these companies, and developing a passionate aerospace workforce to support the aerospace industry. Visit us online at