RSC Energia Turns 65

Dear employees of the company, our dear veterans,
We heartily congratulate you on the 65th anniversary of the S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia!

Our company, founded by an outstanding engineer, scientist, manager, the farther of space flight academician Sergei Pavlovich Korolev has a glorious history and lasting traditions, and has always been striving towards new horizons in advanced rocket and space technology and meeting difficult challenges of space flight.

The history of RSC Energia is inextricably liked to the development of our country’s long-range missile systems, opening up the space era for mankind, and steady advance and improvement of cutting-edge rocket and space technologies.

It is to our, Korolev’s company that the credit goes for those space flight triumphs of the whole world and of our country, which will forever remain the firsts in the history of our civilization. The most important of them are: the first artificial satellite of Earth and the first manned space missions onboard Vostok spacecraft, the first missions of robotic spacecraft to the Moon, Venus and Mars, the first space walk, the first long-duration space stations Salyut, and unique orbital complex Mir.

In recognition of these achievements, the current year of the 50th anniversary of the first manned mission into space was proclaimed the Year of Russian Cosmonautics.

The Corporation has great and important tasks before it. For the next few years, the Russian Segment of the ISS will continue to grow and the station will be maintained in continuous manned operations mode. Among the tasks of the current decade are development of advanced manned transportation systems and space complexes, and vehicles to launch payloads into space trajectories, development and manufacturing of specialized new-generation robotic space systems. Implementation of these plans requires a large-scale upgrading and retrofitting of the manufacturing and testing facilities so as to reach a state-of-the-art level of technology allowing a proper integration with the advanced 21st century world space organizations and companies.

Our Corporation, with its unique experience, advanced knowledge, scientific, technological, manufacturing and personnel potential, is capable of rising to this challenge.

We are confident that in the future our company’s workforce will remain the leader in world space, setting the tone in further research and exploration of the near and deep space resources, improving scientific and technological level of our country.

On this notable day for the employees of the corporation, we sincerely thank you, our dear veterans and esteemed employees, for your weighty contribution to the development of rocket and space technologies, for your dedicated work and the attitude of responsibility for its results, for maintaining and developing our scientific and manufacturing complex and its supporting infrastructure. We thank our colleagues in Russia and abroad for active and creative participation in our joint projects. This multifarious and important work and active participation in the Corporation efforts will undoubtedly make it possible to achieve a new high technological level and attain many objectives that are set today for the Earth civilization.

We wish you, our dear veterans, dear colleagues and partners in the near and far regions of our planet Earth, good health, new successes in your creative work, happiness in personal life and confidence in achieving our objectives!

S.P. Korolev RSC Energia management