Cool Pics: A Peek Inside of Khrunichev’s Rocket Production Facility

Russian rocket builder Khrunichev opened up its doors for a media tour on Aug. 4 to show off its production facilities.

During their visit, journalists saw Proton-M and Angara rockets being assembled. They also visited a  new engineering building where employees will be able to simultaneously assemble five heavy launcher Angara vehicles. The Angara is a new modular family of rockets set to make its inaugural flight in 2013.

In addition to building launch vehicles, Khrunichev designs and constructs space systems, remote sensing and communications satellites, and space station modules. The company has nine locations across the Russian Federation that include a space rocket plant, the Salut Design Bureau, a space technology facility, a and a medical equipment factory.

Sources: Roscosmos PAO and Khrunichev PAO