Carmack: No More Government Work for Armadillo

The always candid video game guru/rocketeer John Carmack had little good to say about the nation’s space agency during a 2 1/2 keynote address at QuakeCon 2011 last week:

Carmack also had some choice words for NASA, saying the entity was no longer “a good value,” and that the recently-closed Space Shuttle program was an experiment that lasted two decades longer than it should have. As for his own Armadillo Aerospace, which actually had an operating profit this years, John revealed that AA would no longer seek government contracts and focus on its own internal goals and experiments.

And there was this:

Carmack hasn’t been playing with rockets in three months due to RAGE crunch time. He is also not accepting any more contract work, because he doesn’t want to get trapped as “small company that does government work.”

Interesting. I wonder if Armadillo’s experience working with NASA JSC on Morpheus wasn’t a good one.

I agree about shuttle, but at least it flew into space 134 times. Which is 134 times more than Armadillo has flown there.  Carmack — and the rest of the NewSpace crowd — need to spend a bit more time flying things and less time talking. They will have a lot more credibility once they has a robust flight history.